Auf Platte (Miniatursequenzen)

Title: Auf Platte

Director: Pascal Schuh
Main Camera: Jakob Reinhardt
Camera miniatures: Vincent Engel
Producer: Sebastian Herbst / Nina Sophie Bayer-Seel
Production: Filmuniversit├Ąt Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

The short film “Auf Platte” is based on Victor Hugo’s novel “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, in which the monstrous Quasimodo is expelled from society because of his appearance. Only
Esmeralda sees him as a human and treats him with respect.

In the modern adaptation, they are Hugo and Johanna, two very different characters. The shy Hugo is the caretaker in a prefabricated building. Here he feels comfortable, is appreciated by the residents and sings his songs in the corridors. But gentrification doesn’t stop at the record either, and the dramatic changes in the house bother Hugo.

Even more precarious is Johanna’s situation, who lives in a bus in front of the record and is confronted with racism and sexism every day. The two get closer – they share the feeling of not belonging, and above all the love for music. But the world is increasingly falling apart for Hugo: a catastrophe is looming that is equally life-threatening and existential for Hugo and Johanna.

“Auf Platte” was a finalist for the 2022 Oscar – STUDENT ACADEMY AWARDS

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